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The pace of technological development has far exceeded our imagination, providing us with a new living environment that we never thought possible.

Digital technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, and it is hard to imagine life without it. Among these technologies, blockchain networks have been in the spotlight recently. Blockchain networks have been developed to provide higher security and safety than existing network technologies, and to overcome the shortcomings of current networks.

NABIT aims to enhance our quality of life by integrating blockchain networks, which are state-of-the-art digital technologies, into the fundamental aspects of our lives in the form of smart cities.

Nabit Token Vision

NABIT is not just a simple exchange coin, but it will be used as a medium to take on a larger market and economic role. It will be issued within the exchange and will be easily exchanged for various major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. NABIT will become a more global and versatile token by acting as a direct medium for various infrastructures and applications such as AI, virtual reality, renewable energy, and big data within the smart city we are building. This movement will work efficiently and smartly in both economic and administrative aspects, and its aim is to solve the problem of urbanization that is currently drawing attention in the international community.

Smart City

In various countries worldwide, smart city projects are being developed to address the issue of rapidly growing urbanization. The main focus is on enhancing convenience and safety.

Smart city market size 2022
Source : Enterprise Apps Today

Smart cities have not been widely implemented due to technical limitations and environmental concerns. These limitations include high development costs and security risks associated with existing technologies. NABIT aims to overcome these limitations by using Klaytn, a blockchain network that offers significant potential and scalability. This approach excludes the mainnet and coins that existing smart city industries are pursuing.

Product Preview

Nabit aims to offer a range of services for the smart city industy, including:

Nabit Smart city

We anticipate that NABIT’s services will continue to advance and expand in the smart city industry, which is a new manifestation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

First Model

The NABIT smart city industry aims to revitalize local governments by connecting them with administrative districts of each country. By doing so, it can solve the problems of the existing administration and economy. Although technology has advanced, analog systems are still in use today. Therefore, the NABIT smart city industry is expected to have a significant
impact when it meets with local governments in modern society. The careful and sophisticated smart city system developed by NABIT guarantees that it will break down analog systems and go far beyond the current IT systems, providing effective and efficient solutions.

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